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Introducing our new name,

Why Rename?

Since day one we’ve been open and transparent with our community. The truth is we didn't want to change our name, but as a result of external circumstances we decided the best path forward was to rename and evolve. Our brand is much more than our former 5 letter name, so we asked ourselves, how do we use this as an opportunity to grow? We decided this would be our butterfly moment. We’d hunker down, put in the work, and emerge with a new look and drive. At our core we’re the same, but we’re ready to spread our wings and take our brand and community to all new heights. 

Why Outway?

We set out to find a name that would champion our mission of inspiring everyone’s personal best. Ultimately, we wanted our community to have the ability to ascribe their own meaning to our new name. To be both inspiring and personal. But what does Outway mean? It doesn’t mean any one thing in particular. Outway can be a north star, catalyst for action, and much more. We believe that in the pursuit of your personal best, you must be willing to put yourself out there and carve your own way. Outway ultimately represents the unique journey we’re all on. Putting one foot in front of the other every day with the goal of self improvement. 

What stays the same?

Our Mission

Our northstar hasn’t changed, and it now shines brighter. We're on a mission to inspire everyone's personal best. 

Our Logo

It’s what’s on all our products and we take that seriously. An elevated version of our logo lives on, and we’re stoked.

Our Product

How we design and manufacture our products hasn’t changed. The same premium design you deserve and expect.

Our Team

Powered by the same team that built our brand over the past 5-years. We’re stoked to champion the new name.

Rebrand Video Series

01 / The Foundation

02 / The Catalyst

03 / The Future

Our Team

Rob Fraser


Caroline Crawford

Product Director

Taylor Fraser

Marketing Director

Taira Doucet

Operations Manager

Jonny Mactinger

Sales Director

Emily Mah

Retention Marketing Manager

Cameron Giles

Performance Marketing Designer

Eve Sadlowski

Operations Associate

Laurent Rajotte

Retention Marketing Designer

Courtney Zylstra

Custom Creative Associate

Cat Manders

Customer Experience

Mia Langford

Custom Designer

Cari Smuts

Product Designer

Jay Wallace


Damien Surprenant 



Treat Specialist




Quality Control

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